Who We Are

Digikamva is a proudly South African company with the combined experience of 440 years in digital solutions for Higher Education and education, our team is ready to find the optimal digital solutions for you and your organisation. Understanding the complexity and amazing potential of the African Higher Education sector, we simplify your challenges for you, and we respond to them with service solutions tailored to your unique needs., offering local knowledge and support.

From custom-built digital learning experiences, to cutting edge course management solutions; or courses that equip instructors with the relevant skills and knowledge to tech in the digital space, we will help you navigate the complex learning landscape of the 21st Century. Our service solutions are high quality and world-class, but more importantly, they are African.

Digikamva offers African digital solutions that empower you for the continent on the rise.


Why Us

Based in South African, with deep insights into the African Higher Education sector. Our services and solutions are:

Made in Africa

We understand that solutions developed in the European or US market are not always a great fit for our local needs. That is why we combine the latest, world-class tech with local knowledge to provide you a tailor-made solution. Because one size does not fit all!

Cost Effective

Because we are local, we cut the costs associated with investing in international solutions. Priced locally your financial resources are stretched so much further. This makes buying decisions and renewals easy as you are guaranteed to know exactly what you are paying and are not subject to international market uncertainty.

Local Support

As we are based in South Africa this means you don’t have to try and reach customer support during odd hours. We are in your time zone and you can pick up the phone and call us or even meet with us face-to-face – we are here for you.

Our Courses

Integrating technology into everyday teaching and learning has become a common standard for all types of instruction at all levels of higher education. Our uniquely developed courses give trainers, instructors and educators the opportunity to refine and improve their digital teaching and learning skills and take the to the next level This helps promote optimal success for both students and more competent and digitally competent educators.

Whether you are an expert or new to the digital teaching and learning environment, our digital teaching expert courses will help you develop your own digital teaching practice and help you to apply the latest digital tools for every type of facilitation from face-to-face to fully online teaching environments with confidence.

What’s more, as a proudly South African company, our courses are specifically designed for the African education environment. Find out more about our courses here and become an expert today.

Also take advantage of our offering – if you book 300 seats for the year, for one of our Digital Teaching Expert courses, you will receive a free LMS*

Our Products


Innovations that have grown out of the fourth industrial revolution, enable us to deploy highly capable tools that harness Artificial Intelligence and related tools. In response to these powerful developments in technology, Digikamva continuously develops products that apply capable and effective AI within your institution or business where it matters most – in communication and in support of your students and staff

Be pioneers in Africa. Find out how our innovative AI Bot can help your institution or organisation use AI to improve communication and support.


As education experts in Africa, our highly experienced team can customise almost any Learning Management System platform to empower your institution or school to achieve more. Whether it is a custom-built LMS, configuring your existing LMS for optimal application or hosting your own systems using an array of public or private cloud solutions our technical services are geared to deliver learning experiences that encourage performance and results.


Our Team

Digital solutions are changing at an exponential rate. It is within this constantly changing environment, that learning and development leaders of Africa, in both education and business require a framework to build the optimal learning environment that keeps up with the global challenges of tomorrow.

Our team of experts help you meet the changing needs of our digital learning landscape. With a combined experience of 400 years, our skills and knowledge enable us to advise your institution on strategic and relevant software solutions.

Based in South Africa, we understand the need for solutions that are relevant to Africa. Our team also supports the implementation and application of these solutions, from start to completion.

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