Our AI Digital Assistant:

  • Our Artificial Intelligent Assistant offers a solution that is fine-tuned to higher education and its unique demands and needs.
  • With the help of Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services, we apply our experience and knowledge of the African higher education sector to offer you an intelligent Digital Assistant that learns and grows – attending to your students where and when they need it.

Our AI Solution Offers a Specialised Service that is:

  • African.
  • Capable of multiplying resources.
  • Intelligent and intuitive.
  • Discerning and Efficient.
  • Always On.
  • Configurable per faculty.
  • Fluent in Higher Education.

Why a Digital Assistant?

  • AI is evolving daily; becoming more accessible to both businesses and academic institutions.
  • Tertiary institutions find they have to embrace AI to streamline their interactions with their students.
  • AI adoption helps meet the expectations of their digitally active students.
  • Take a step up and step into the Fourth Industrial revolution.
  • With Digikamva & Microsoft, you can achieve so much more, not only to reach your students, but also to meet them where they are.


Introducing Artificial Intelligence in Action

Meet Students where they are

Built on Cloud-based Azure Cognitive Services, our Digibot gathers information from each and every interaction across the network.

More importantly, our Assistant learns with each and every conversation. With deep insight into the higher education sector, Digibot understands the demands and needs of students.As it learns from each and every interaction, Digibot responds in both a natural and intuitive each time. 

Ultimately, the chat bot reduces pressures on staff resources in terms of handling informational and technical support queries daily. This frees up staff time and resources to focus on more skilled tasks, leaving time-consuming one-on-one FAQ and inquiries to the friendly and helpful AI Assistant.

With Digibot – you can meet the students where they are.

Why Digikamva's
AI Assistant?

Experts in Technology & Education

Our certified and experienced technical team can deploy a highly- customised, capable and integrated AI Digital Assistant service within your institution, quickly and efficiently. We can also provide you with the development tools to implement your own standard communication and policy standards. This will ensure your compliance requirements are maintained in every respect. We are South African, so we understand your unique challenges and needs. We are experts in higher education


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